Diabetes Guides

Publications and how-tos for the Jewish Diabetic, combining quality medical and halachic information.

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Book for Pesach (Passover) Yom Tov (holiday).

Cover and Facing ForWarD (PDF) 1.5 mb

Pesach Guide in English (PDF) 2.3 mb

The Yiddish version and the halacha section (Din Kadimah) (PDF). 2.9 mb
Please note: this file will print in reverse; the last page will print first.

In control and Short-N-Sweet (PDF) 1.9 mb

Picture of actual K'Zayis for Matzah

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Page 1 Thin Matzah (9 Matzahs per pound)


Page 2 Thick Matzah (6 Matzahs per pound)


Pesach 5764 Supplement 3.4 mb

Discusses Rosh Hashana - Yom Kippur.

Also discusses various Shabbos issues.

Tishrei 5764; Part 1 (PDF 4.4 mb), Part 2 (PDF 4.0 mb), Cover (Color PDF 3.7 mb).
Features: Simonim for R"H, Fasting on Yom Kippur, Shabbos meal.  Making your PDA a Personal Diabetes Assistance. Carb Factors made Easy

Tishrei 5766 (PDF) 884 kb

Yiddish section 5761 (PDF) 3.8 mb

Tishrei 5763 (PDF) 262 kb
English section 5761 (PDF) 3.0 mb Features: Fasting on Yom Kippur, Halachas fhaboos, Sabbos meals, Unused insulin/bolus rule for the extended bolus.
The cover for the Yiddish section 5761 (PDF) 186 kb



Calculating carbs in homemade recipes

Tu B'Shevat

How to use "Effective Carb Factors"


Drinking & Exercising on Purim

In Control

Rise & Shine, Choosing a Food Scale, Smart Scale, Low Carb Dieting, and much more.

Cover, Facing ForWarD, and Yom Tov guides, Chanukah, Tu B'Shevat, and Purim (PDF) 3.9 mb

In Control, Short-N-Sweet, Sweet Success, Halacha Tidbits (PDF) 3.0 mb

How to figure the carbs in the fruits you eat on Tu B'Shevat - In the Yiddish language (introducing Effective Carb factors winter 5762) (PDF) 1.2 mb

Calculating ECF on Shabbos 149 kb
ECF chart of fruits Hebrew-English 62 kb


Cheesecake Choices PDF (6.4 mb)


Purim 5764

General Diabetes Guides

Carb Factor resources (HTML)

A list of over 6,000 foods and their carb factors (in MS Excel) 552 kb

A pocket size chart for carb factors for about 300 foods (PDF) 78 kb

Calculating Carb factors for homemade recipes (in MS Word) 24 kb

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Diabetes in General (coming soon).
FAQ: Diabetes and Halacha (coming soon).
FAQ: Diabetes and Jewish/Kosher Living (coming soon).